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Pat Ward & Les Powell
pets at rest
I was met by this wonderful, warm and friendly human being who introduced
me to the Chapel of Rest..... David Warsop & Elizabeth Smith

It was extremely good fortune that enabled us to find your telephone number on the evening of
Friday, 12 July 2013 when we were in despair. Earlier that evening our daughter, Jo had contacted
us greatly upset after faithful pet, Ellie had suddenly died. Although we were most anxious to help
her we really did not know what to do and therefore to find your telephone number and hear
Pat's calm, reassuring voice explaining your services was a great relief.

There is so much we would like to thank you for. Firstly, for allowing us to bring Ellie to you so late
on that Friday evening and for your sympathetic understanding of the grief that Jo was experiencing.
Also for your reassurances and consideration at such a difficult time. We would also like to thank
you for the dignified manner that sadly all pets cannot experience.

We know that whilst you were so considerate and understanding with us this cannot have been
easy for you as sadly you had lost your own faithful friend only the day before. Therefore, we
are especially grateful for the time and consideration you gave to us.

Jo is still much saddened by the loss of Ellie but is comforted by the care
and consideration that you gave her. We would like to thank you for your
help and understanding at this difficult time.

Mary & Geoff Spencer


Would just like to say a big thank you for helping us give our "Bear" our beloved dog a
beautiful farewell. I can honestly say after meeting you all today has eased my sadness
knowing he was well looked after. Please keep up all the good and dignified work
you do. Once again Thank you!



We would like to say a big thank you for looking after our girl Ebony after our sudden loss
As you know it is so devastating to loose a pet, but we rest in the knowledge that she was
looked after, respected and treated with the dignity that she deserved.

The personal and professional touch you give helps us to deal with the difficult time that is to
follow. We needed strength to cope and your compassion and understanding and care you
have for animals helps us immensely.

Ebony was a very faithful, devoted girl and we enjoyed the time we had with her and we
treasure the fact we were able to have shared her life, she was a grand age of 11 years
6 months, and to know that you treated her final passage with empathy, at such a
difficult time for us, helped us to cope.

Thank you once again for all your support, you are two very special people.

Roy & Jo Brown


At such a devastating time, we give our thanks to you. Your facilities and the service you provide
are second to none. Saying our goodbyes to Nikki couldn't have been in a better place than
your beautiful and peaceful Chapel of Rest. What you offer to people who have lost their
beloved pets is superb.

Not least is your own personal kindness, care and respect, shown to our darling
Nikki and to Keith, myself and Louis. We came to you as strangers and left as
friends. Thank you for everything.

Rochelle, Keith and Louis


I must admit that I didn't know what to expect when I came to collect Sam's ashes last week.
I was met by this wonderful, warm and friendly human being who introduced me to the Chapel
of Rest and left me to celebrate and cherish the 13 years of Sam's life! Sam had been a
wonderfully loyal friend and this was a fitting tribute to his time with us.

When we took Sam to the Vets we realised that he was seriously ill and that after 13 memorable
years with Sherwood Forest as his back garden it was time to let him go peacefully and painlessly.
Difficult as that was it was the only decision that was in Sam's best interests. It would have been
too easy to consider ourselves and not Sam.

I felt that after the death Sam had been treated with the utmost respect and dignity as he
had been in life. I found it very refreshing to talk to you afterwards. We couldn't have
asked for more. Thank you once again.

David Warsop & Elizabeth Smith








pets at rest
pets at rest
pets at rest
pets at rest
We present a very personal and
professional service helping ease
the pain and grief of your
recent bereavement


We will deal compassionately with your beloved pet in a respectful and dignified manner and
ease the sadness and grief of your loss. An individual chapel of rest is also available.