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Pat Ward & Les Powell
pets at rest
We think of you often and talk about the beautiful peaceful place we laid Oscar.
He would have loved your garden..... Janet & Peter Bagshaw
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As you will know, this has been a very difficult time for us. We are all desperately missing Oscar
as he was so much a part of our family. His memories not only fill every part of our home and
garden but spill into every aspect of our lives.

The day we lost Oscar was such a sad day for us but we feel privileged to have been directed to
you. You treated our loss with much compansion and understanding, encouraging us to talk about
the years we had with Oscar which has helped with coming to terms with such a traumatic event.

We think of you often and talk about the beautiful peaceful place we laid Oscar. He would
have loved your garden and we think of his spirit being between our home and yours.

Thank you once again for your understanding and the respect you gave to Oscar at
the end of a very wonderful life. We are so sad that Oscar is no longer with us but
also very grateful to him for the nine very special years he was with us.

Janet & Peter Bagshaw


I wanted to write these words to express our gratitude to you both. You are very compassionate
and understanding people who carry a very positive loving energy about you. The service you
provide is second to none, the Chapel of Rest is such a beautiful, peaceful place. I felt so
reassured leaving Penny in you care.

We will miss her so much, but we feel comforted to know that she was treated in the end with
the respect and dignity that she deserved and that we once again have her home with us.
The forget-me-nots were a beautiful gesture and I will always remember her by them.

Sue & Ken Milner


Full of compassion you entered our home and helped to put us at some ease, reassuring
us that you would take good care of our prescious friend and that he would spend his last
night with you in your beautiful chapel.

The following day we came to your farm to collect our boy and I will never forget your hospitality,
compassion and of course your peaceful chapel, it is a credit to you both. Thank you so
much for your care given to my family and most of all, our beloved Seby.



We want to thank you for all you did for us in our moment of grief and loss; your compassion
helped us through the saddest hour and allowed us the time and place to say goodbye to our
beloved Nanetta. She has been our wise teacher and loving companion for the last 15 years,
and we are glad to have entrusted you with this ultimate task and have her ashes back with
us, forever reminding of her infinite ability to feel and love.

Discover your loving care both for living animals which need to be loved like your newcomer
dog Jesse and for the ones that passed away has meant a lot for us, and we couldn't think
of better hands when it comes to take care of our dearest companions.



To meet someone who really cares in this day and age is a very rare and special blessing.
Thank you for taking the time to share your kindness, your feelings and opening your hearts
to our needs. You really helped my mother and I, more than words could express. Being able
to help others in times of need is a gift. Our meetings I will always consider a blessing.
Take care of each other.



I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your excellent service.
Everything was so beautifully done.

Julie Marsden









pets at rest
pets at rest
pets at rest
pets at rest
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the pain and grief of your
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The affinity and bond we share with so many creatures is a strong
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